In this post, I’ll try to cover both the advantages and challenges of choosing to develop a project with an in-house or a remote development team, those that every start-up founder has had to face from the beginning.

Okay, let’s go into detail.

When you choose a development team for your startup, many things should be taken into consideration and many questions must be asked. First of all, depending on the current stage of your startup, requirements for the development team will differ. …

If you sacrifice quality just to try to get cost savings, you may end up with neither. Picking the lowest quote when you choose mobile app developers without considering the consequences is a trap that too many customers fall into.

What kind of mobile app do you want?

Mobile apps can range from simple displays of information to sophisticated tools for employee productivity, customer loyalty, or winning new business. However, all mobile apps need at least one thing — good, value-for-money quality. If you sacrifice quality just to try to get cost savings, you may end up with neither. Picking…

Minimal Viable Product (MVP) didn’t originate in the startup world, yet has gained a lot of popularity in startups, given an opportunity to get to the market quicker and prove out product ideas.

While the goal of MVP is to get a bare minimum of your product out to market for actual customers to try out, use and find flaws, product owners tend to fear walking back from certain features. The most common argument is that these features are extremely valuable and the product turns out less attractive to customers without them.

In fact, an MVP is meant to be…

Each year, the innovations brought by technology seem to accelerate. In 2020, the global pandemic advanced technology in a way we’ve never seen before. As we embark on the new year, it’s important to look for signals of where technology will take us next. Here are five business technology trends to keep an eye on in 2021.

The continuing rise of AI technology, hyperautomation and AIoT

Moving into 2021, Artificial Intelligence will remain one of the key trends when it comes to its impact on everyday life, as well as rethinking business strategies and priorities.

One of the core AI technology trends of the new wave — hyperautomation —…

At Diffco we aim to provide effective technological solutions. Sometimes we are required to do it to tackle or manage critical situations. Because of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, which has happened in the beginning of the year, we have decided to build intuitive and simple informational service for mass use of people around the world

StopCorona provides global and regional COVID-19 statistical information. We use only official public sources of raw data, which means that at any time users may check the actual and correct situation reported by medical organizations.

Currently, we have started the live map with…

The previous year of 2019 was notable in terms of the AI and computer vision technologies integration into the usual lives. We believe that in 2020 it will continue to evolve and provide new challenging opportunities for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Let’s figure out the upcoming trends and try to analyze their future impact.

  • Improvement of dialog capability and smarter context handling in AI assistants

Until now, AI products have been quite limited in terms of audial or text dialog with humans. Yet in 2020 a new trend could appear, with proper dialog and a better understanding of context significantly increasing…

Here’s how you nail outsourcing your app to an external team of developers

So, your app idea is good to go. The business plan is ready and you can’t wait to get to that minimal viable product (MVP) that you can already envision on your phone’s home screen. You probably also feel like there’s no time for recruitment before others come up with a similar “Airbnb for wearables” or “Uber for Segways” app.

If you are a small startup and perhaps only one team member has a technical background, then you are probably facing the most typical scenario when it comes to outsourcing app development work. …

There are lots of awesome (and free!) online resources for app designers. You just need to know where to look!

Being an app and web development company we are pretty much obsessed with design. We need even the most junior team members to be design-savvy as they might be involved in the process in one way or another, but at the same time we also want to be resourceful and utilize as many free opportunities for the learning process as possible. If you are still learning how to design apps and would like to avoid spending thousands on courses and education, you might also find these 3 ideas very helpful:

  • Free online courses: To junior team members we recommend that…

Don’t forget that you are actually trying to build a business, not just a beautifully designed product! If you are planning to launch your app some time soon, consider these smart monetization strategies as part of your plan.

Are you dreaming about creating the next Tinder, Snapchat or Periscope and the riches it will bring you? Apps are still a very hot market, however, developers have quickly discovered that it takes a great level of brand awareness in the ocean of offerings to have customers pay even $0.99 for their app. Many are going for the free or freemium model to grow their customer base and introduce paid options later. However, analysts like Gartner still predict that “less than 0.01 percent of apps will be considered a financial success by their developers through 2018.”

You’d think any app…

Vadim Peskov

CEO&Co-Founder at Diffco, Pilot, Advisor at Alchemist Accelerator

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